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New Sweater Day


A toast...

Cheers to the glue guy.

Without you, the guys would be lost to a world of soccer practice and honey-do lists. There’d be no golf trips, bachelor parties, or annual hog roasts — and sure as shit no beer league teams. 

This company is for you. 

 You’re the idea man. You make the locker room fun. You bring the backup-backup case of beer on Tuesday nights — Wednesday morning staff meetings be damned.​ 

You thrive on enthusiasm. And you are going to set your team up with the best damn uni's in the league. 

Somebody’s got to lead this bunch of idiots. So here's to you, you elegant bastard — because you're the Glue Guy.

Spotify Playlist

Dressing room DJ is a big responsibility. The tone for the entire evening rests on your shoulders. 

These expertly curated tunes will get all the toes tapping from the most grizzled vets to the most spoiled millenials.

Sweater Ambassadors

Pavel Barber

Kane Van Gate

Coach Jeremy

Erich Schwer Films

The Most Epic Bachelor Party of all Time

So epic, it was covered by the Wall Street Journal.

They told me to come find them in section 224 at the U.S.-Finland women’s hockey game, but really, they were impossible to miss. As a group, they looked like a bald eagle landing at a Fourth of July picnic inside a Toby Keith concert. 

They had on stars and stripes pants, and red, white and blue hockey jerseys that said USA on the front and KOREA 18 on the back. I didn’t know whether to shake their hands—or salute. 

They were six pals, all in their early 30s, all from New York City, here at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.​For a bachelor party. 

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“We’ve done the standard Vegas. We’ve done the beach. We’ve done all crazy kinds of stuff. ​

So what was going to top it? Going to the Winter Olympics in Korea."

Our Story

The envy of the league

Established 2015

Michigan, USA

for the boys in the room and the beers in the beers in the parking lot

Shit man, just because we're washed up doesn’t mean we should wear tattered rags like the rest of those stiffs. 

We might have the late game again this week, but we can handle being a little groggy at tomorrow's staff meeting.It’s our night out of the house to have some beers with the boys and get a skate in. 

You better believe we're gonna look good doing it.