Can I add jerseys to a previous order?

Damn right. It's super easy. 

Buy Additional Jerseys in One Minute 

There's no minimum quantity for more jerseys. Minimum order of socks is 10 pairs.  

Add on prices: 

1 jersey: $89 USD 

2-5 jerseys: $79 USD 

6+ jerseys: $69 

USD10+ socks: $15 per pair

What does the order process look like?

Ordering jerseys for your team can be totally brutal. Just like our jerseys, we have labored over our customer experience to make damn sure that it's second to none. 

-Fill out the 2-Min Design Form and agree on a design concept. 

-Send your roster. 

-Receive and pay the digital invoice. We accept credit cards and PayPal to keep things easy. 

-Approve final design proof (about a week after payment) 

-Receive your filthy new uni's  

Is there free shipping to Canada?

Yes. Sometimes orders to Canada do incur a duty tax at the border. Duty taxes generally range anywhere from $100 to $250 CAD.

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.

How long does it usually take to get jerseys?

Standard lead time is 4-6 weeks from payment to delivery. 

We do offer expedited service that guarantees delivery in 3 weeks for an additional $300 USD. ​ 

What about socks?

We've got you covered. 

Free matching socks come with initial orders of 10+ per color or style. 

Socks are the new-school kind -- made of performance, moisture-wicking material. 

They're sublimated just like the jerseys.  

Are name bars extra?

Name bars, unlimited colors, captains letters, numbers on the back, sleeves and front if you want… we don’t nickel and dime you. 

$69 includes all the design elements, free shipping, and free matching socks. 

Ya dig?

What How much for XX jerseys? Can I get a quote for XX jerseys?socks?

Multiply any number of jerseys by $69 USD. 

Our minimum order is 6 jerseys. 

Orders of 10+ get free matching socks.  

What are sublimated jerseys?

It's a style of printing we picked up on playing over seas (notta big deal). The colors will never fade and the logos will never wrinkle or peal. 

There are some mega close-ups in our gallery to give you a better look. The whole design -- stripes, logos, numbers, names -- is heat-bonded into the fabric of the jersey.

We can print anything, anywhere on the jersey. We're talking unique, one of a kind, only team on the planet with that design. It's never been easier to customize every aspect of your uniform. Name bars. Colors. Logos. Sponsors --You name it. 

No more limitations on what’s in stock or the typical NHL style jersey. Red teams can finally have a different design than Detroit, Chicago and Carolina. Blue teams are not limited to Toronto, Tampa and Buffalo. 

 So go nuts. 

What How much for XX jerseys? Can I get a quote for XX jerseys?socks?

Size Chart 

Sure do. 

We also give some general recommendations because chances are you're a hockey player, not a mathematician who moonlights as a seamstress.