Lead times

How long will it take to get my order?

Lead time from payment to delivery:


Embroidered Tackle Twill β€” 6 weeks 

Sublimation Print β€” 4-5 weeks 

Rush (Sublimation print only) β€” 3 weeks

QTY 1-15: 300.00 flat fee / QTY 15+: 30% surcharge

Pantshells: 6 weeks

Hoodies: 5 weeks

Hats: 3 weeks

T Shirts: 4 weeks

Tracksuits: 6 weeks

Bags: 6 weeks

Flags: 3 weeks 


What's the order process?

  • Choose a concept + sizes/numbers/names/captains

  • Pay the digital invoice

  • Approve final design proof

Communication is key.

You put a lot of thought, resources, and trust into this order.

We appreciate it. 

That's why we go the extra mile in making sure you know the status of your order from the moment it's placed to the time it delivers. 

Keep an eye on your email inbox status for updates through every step.

Stages from order to delivery:

Invoice Paid 

Rendering Production Design (Aprox Duration: 3 business days)

Final Proof Approved 

Production Prep

Ink Application

Sewing (longest phase)

Quality Check & Packaging 


Please reach out any time if you have any questions. Our team is here and ready to help any time. 

Are they printed or stitched?

How much? Can I get a quote?

Price is flat rate, per jersey. 

We don't nickel-and-dime for numbers, names, or captains. 

Free worldwide shipping.

Hockey guy becomes math guy: 

(# of jerseys) x $74 USD = total cost

Jersey Flat Rate Pricing

per color or style

prices in USD


Team (QTY 6-75): 74.00

Custom Singles: 249.00

Bulk 75 + Jerseys: 69.00


Team (QTY 6-75): 149.00

Custom Singles: 319.00

Bulk 75 + Jerseys: 144.00 

Can I add jerseys and socks to a previous order?

Absolutely. There's no minimum quantity for more jerseys. As you might have guessed, the cost per unit goes up the fewer you make at a time.  

Buy Additional Jerseys in One Minute 

Add on prices:

1 jersey: $99 USD

2-5 jerseys:  $84 USD

6+ jerseys: $74 USD

Socks: $29 per pair

How do the jerseys fit?

What number styles or fonts can we use?

We can use any number style or font you'd like. Let us know what team number style or send us your font. Easy peasy and super custom. 

How much for a custom logo?

Custom logos are a flat rate of 250.00 and come with unlimited revisions. Envy of the league, baby. 

Are names on the back extra? 

Nope. All-inclusive, like Cancun in '06 baby. 

Name bars, unlimited colors, captains letters, numbers on the back, sleeves and front if you want. 

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is great option for on-ice use.  It's a style of printing we picked up on playing over seas (notta big deal).

A) Comfort. Lighter and less bulky.

B) Durability. The colors will never fade and the logos will never wrinkle or peal. 

C) Design. All-over print lets you place any design element anywhere on the jersey. 

No more limitations on what’s in stock or the typical NHL style jersey. Red teams can finally have a different design than Detroit, Chicago and Carolina. Blue teams are not limited to Toronto, Tampa and Buffalo. 

 So go nuts. 

Can I order a sample?

Order a sample sweater and find out why thousands of players have been rocking our custom hockey jerseys for years.

Sample jersey are yours to keep for drop-in hockey, fashion week, and/or elevated home decor.


What sizes of socks do you have?

Socks come in sizes adult, intermediate, and youth. 

Adult size socks come with jerseys sizes Adult L - Goalie cut 2XL 

Intermediate socks come with jerseys sizes Adult S - M

Youth socks comes with jerseys sized Youth S/M - Youth L/XL

What kind of socks are they β€” knit or performance?

Performance socks β€” AKA: the new kind


What are the dimensions of your hockey bags?

Youth: 30” x 17” x 17”

Senior: 32" x 20" x 15"

Goalie: 40" x 20" x 20"


Durable canvas construction and heavy-duty woven nylon straps make for a nearly indestructible hockey bag. 

Decoration method? 

All-over sublimation print gives you the freedom you seek. No limits, baby. 

Lead time?

6 weeks or less.

Minimum quantity? 

6 bags per color / style. Individual name and number customization strongly encouraged. 

Colors available? 

Main color: Unlimited colors, unlimited patterns β€” think plaid, cammo, geometric, and more. 

Woven Straps: Unlimited colors

Let's go get started.