Re-orders have never been easier.

It's inevitable. 

You've got a solid core group, but some of these yahoos are floaters at best. Guys come and go with each season — hell, sometimes right in the middle. 

And sometimes the GM has to trim the fat and get some new blood in the lineup. 

We always keep your designs on file to make re-orders a snap. It's easy to order more jerseys and socks to fill in the gaps.Order below in literally one minute.

Order in One Minute

No minimums

We figured being a team manager/captain/Reggie Dunlop is hard enough. 

There's no minimum quantity for more jerseys. 

New teammates can order directly so you there's no middle man for e-mails, payment and all the b.s. that comes with it. As you might have guessed, the cost per unit goes up the fewer you make at a time.

Add on prices: 

1 jersey: $89 USD 

2-5 jerseys: $79 USD 

6+ jerseys: $69 USD 

Socks: $15 per pair