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Toronto, Ontario


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"I don't coach with dreams of one player making the NHL. 

I coach with dreams of every player falling in love with the game, learning about self improvement, confidence, respect, team work, adversity, dedication and having a blast doing it."

Favorite locker room beer: 

It's hard to say this as a Canadian but for some reason cold Budweiser tastes great after a game 


Who was your favorite player growing up? 

Pavel Bure, loved his speed, goal scoring and creativity 


You’re the locker room DJ — First song you play after a big win:

Depends on the mood and team, right now I'd go with Hall and Oates because it's the Leafs goal horn   

Favorite men’s league tourney: 

Whichever one fits into my schedule 


Best jerseys of all time: 

I like red, so always liked the Red Wings jersey 


Best city on earth for a boys trip: 

Depends what you're looking for and who youre with. But my best time was in Rejavik Iceland with the Canadian Moose 


 What is the best player of the game award? 

I love the hard hat for the hardest worker 


Who got you in to hockey? 

My parents had me skating early on the pond 


Your day with the cup: 

My only day with a cup is with sippy cups. If I ever got a day with it I'd try to share it with as many kids as possible, I'd likely organize a road hockey game so kids could actually win the cup with the "next goal wins"  

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