Kane Van Gate

Sweater Ambassador

Kane van Gate

St. Louis, Missouri



"I'm a 5-time BHL champion and founding member of the BHLPA. People refer to me as the original beer league legend.

You probably know me as the star of BHL 36 and The BHL Life."

Favorite locker room beer: 

Anything light and cold AF! In our room it’s usually Billy supplying the beer, and he always brings Bud Select. 


Who was your favorite player growing up? 

Brett Hull. 


You’re the locker room DJ — First song you play after a big win:

The cockiest song that comes to mind in that moment in time. This could range from a Lil Wayne to Alanis Morissette... I never know where my brain is going to be after a game. 

Favorite men’s league tourney: 

The BHL Cup (just got a free six-pack for saying that) 


Best jerseys of all time: 

Better be The f’n 2018 NR Rebels. 


Best city on earth for a boys trip: 

Chicago, Nashville, Austin or San Diego. 

 What is the best player of the game award? 

“The Beer of the Game Award” is synonymous with the player of the game or the MVP. 


Who got you in to hockey? 

The speed. The goals. The saves. The masks. The pads. First generation hockey player right here. 


Your day with the cup: 

A massive, 24/hr party that involves water slides, pizza, puppies, beautiful women, live music and the entire cast of Saved By The Bell. Sans Screech.